Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspired by POM and ME

Murakamis' POM AND ME

Self-Portrait of Murakami and his dog, POM

I like that he created his self-portrait in different colors. Materials used to make the statues: acrylic, carbon fiber and corian base.

And now for my rendition of POM AND ME

materials used:

Prismacolor -colored pencils
graphite Pencil
Faber-castell makers
pitt pens


Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspired By -Takashi Murakami

I learned about contemporary artist Takashi Murakami recently, when I took the kids to his "EGO" exhibit at the Qatar Museum Authority. Naturally one is drawn to his whimsical characters KaiKai and KiKi, and the bright fun colours he uses in each piece.

The first thing that gets you when you enter the gallery, is the giant inflatable balloon of himself, sitting there like a giant Buddha. The likeness of him is amazing. I knew it was a balloon because this girl had to touch it. No detail was spared in this giant image of himself. Look closely and you will see the hairs on his legs; even a few scratches and sores.

Photos were not allowed inside the exhibition, so I have to rely on Internet photos to display some of his work here. There is an excellent review of the exhibition written on Buddhist Art News.

Self Portrait Of The Distressed Artist - 2009

(Credit to

Time- Camouflage Moss Green - 2009
(Credit to

His whimsical flowers and colours

One of many KiKi and KaiKai Paintings