Monday, March 31, 2014

Documented Life Project week #14

Unfortunately I need to play catch up. So here goes. Week 14 of the Documented life Project: Write Your Name and Embellish It.

 I didn't like my name while I was growing up, I've seen so many comments about that from other people. Well I didn't like my name either.

I was actually teased about my name. People used to joke and tell me that's a boys name. To make bad maters worst, there was a boy about my age who lived next door who had the same name. I don't know why my mom did not name me Melody or Hope or something like that.

As I go older, my name was no longer a problem for me. After all there is a shade of green called Kelly Green - or so I am told.  Although my embellishments don't show up here. I stuck some sequence around the page to give it a little dazzle.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diva Challenge #159 - "Top O The Morning"

HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY. That's the theme for this week.
It's been an odd couple of weeks don't ask why it's just been odd. And this week it's the flu. I have not had a flu in years. I had actually forgotten what it feels like to have a cold or even a stuffy nose.

But whatever I'm looking forward to feeling better again. I forced myself to work on the challenge this week. I used LUCKY and CORNER BOX, and of course I used my prisma colors to do the green. I'm loving the S curl off to the side. What about you?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Documented Life Project Week 11

I've really neglected this blog for the last two weeks. Shame, Shame. Hopefully, today can be a fresh start.
The prompt for the Documented Life Project week 12 is to "collage, paint, or take a picture of a bird".

Well since I've been on a bird trip for a few weeks, I had lots to choose from. I started painting these little whimsical birds since last year, and throughout the year they have been evolving.

But for my journal this week, I created something new.

 Here is a peacock in all its glory. I used stickers and doodles to embellish.

So I did not stop at one bird. Nope not at all. Another flap emerged and these lovely creatures appeared, Aren't they cute?

Then here came another set. They look like they have something to say. As usual, after completing a page, I have nothing to journal about, or just can't think of anything to write so the pages just stay blank or with empty spaces until something comes up.

Hey have a good weekend everyone. I hope to be out and about enjoying the beautiful weather before it all disappears next month. We've had on sandstorm already and I can only guess there will be a few more before the heat arrives.