Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coming Out

Finally, I am fulfilling my New Years resolution. Better late than never right? i don't ever make resolutions just because I never keep them. But I made a promise to myself - that this year I would stop being a closet artist, and just get out there and show my stuff - my artwork that is. I find that if one gets together with like minded people in what ever field of interest, one will become challenged and want to strive to do better. Okay so I'm a little behind the time, not much of a leader where things like this are concerned. I procrastinate a lot where art is concerned and that has to stop!!!!!

So here I am, introducing myself to the artsy blog world. "Blog world here I come". 

Just a little about me:

I love colours and pencils and doodles and and paints, and papers (I am a professed paper addict), and canvases and all things ART. I am not a traditionally trained artist. I am self taught, and have picked up techniques, and different art related things along my artistic journey. I see colours more than I can see numbers or letters.

After behaving like a ship without a sail, or rather without a captain, I jumped into the world of art full time when I became an expat wife and stay at home mom. Something that was very new to me. Not allowed to work, I decided to spend my time doing what I love most ART ART ART. And not the traditional art either. The world of mixed media is my home.

I stumbled upon Suzi Blu's ning site one day while my sail-less ship was cruising around the Internet. The ship came aground at Suzi's site, and we stayed for a few days. She was having a Petit Dolls class and I took the leap and joined. Very skeptical because I had never done anything like this before. Suzi helped me get "my sail up"...... In one of her videos it was as if she was speaking to me specifically.....she said not to be to critical, not to compare your self with others and one thing that echos every time I start a new painting. She said "you are allowed to make bad art". Really? I make so much bad art. But I think that the point she was trying to get across was that every piece is not going to come out exactly how you envisioned it would. And even if you don't like the end result, you need to enjoy the process of getting there. And that's when I discovered GESSSSOOOOOO! La de dahhhhhh. Gesso is a fine acquaintance of mine. Thank you Suzi Blu, You helped me get the wind back in to that sail.

A little about my Style:

I cant honestly say that I have a specific style. (I get bored much to quickly). I try new things, alter things, and take instructions and inspiration from many different people and places. Hopefully starting this blog will help me to continue moving forward and developing as an artist.

And THAT is enough about me! 
Please feel free to leave comments, or even ask questions, or lets get some dialogue going.

Blessings for a good week.

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