Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zendala Dare #52 - Hollibaugh And Another Challenge

This weeks challenge is to use Hollibaugh as the string. Use hollibaugh as the string - as the string. Huh? Okay here we go. This was a sweet challenge to work with.

But this was not my only challenge this week. Nope I had a bigger challenge to deal with. Let me introduce you to this little fellow.

Isn't he sweet? He has such a lovely personality. Loving, protective, and highly intelligent. But here's the problem. He is NAUGHTY. Shilo is his name, and he has just been plain naughty for the past week. He's is a jack russell mix, mixed with what we don't know. But he is an A type personality jack russell on a permanent caffeine high.

This week he learned how to open the cupboard door. The magic door that hides the snacks. Not his snacks mind you, the snacks that belong to the kids. The snacks that he likes - more specifically, the potato chips and the pretzels. He also likes freshly laundered clothes and sheets. There is no room for error with this dog. Leave them in a pile and he will find a way to get to them to have a luxurious rest.
He is also a tip toe-er. We can usually tell where he is in the house by the sound of his nails clicking on the floor as he walks along but when he is off to make mischief, you will never hear him sneak away.
Yes Shilo has been busy this week and keeping me busy along with his secretive escapades. But how can you stay angry with a face like that?

Now on to the challenge

Erin also revealed that she does not like circles. For a person who is such an expert at these zendalas you would never know. She does such a great job with coming up with circular challenges weekly.
Here is Hollibraugh as the string. Hope I did it justice.

Other tangles used were groovy, shattuck, and h2o lilly

Have a great week. I am off to go find you know who.


Anne's tangle blog said...

I love this zendala, great colors and lovely with the small ribbons coming out.
I also LOVE naughty annimals, they are the pleasure in nature for me. But, I do know that sometimes it's hard to live with one of them :-)

Kelly said...

Thanks Anne

Sue said...

Oh what a cute puppy! I love Jack Russels and mixes but they are way too energetic for me! Funny to watch though. An I LOVE your Zendala! H2O Lilly is a tangle I've used a few times and is one of my favorites because it's fun to color and looks so different each time you do it. I love your pink bubbles hiding behind the hollibaugh.

Kelly said...

I like the pink bubbles as well they are like bubble gum. Shilo has been a good dog today. So we are at peace for now.

Kelly said...

Thanks for commenting