Thursday, October 24, 2013

Diva Challenge #141 Duo-Tangle Fengle and Qandry

My Answer to this weeks Duo-tangle is simple. This has been a very uncreative week for me. And there is a very good reason too.
Anyone ever heard of simultaneous equations, or even quadrilateral equations? Yes that's the mountain I've been climbing this week. Really?!!! Why do kids need to learn this stuff? In my opinion they are all useless.  The extent of my mathematical abilities is knowing how to balance a check book, and whether that sale is worth it or not. That's why I'm an artist. I don't know many artists who are mathematicians, and kudos to those who are. My daughter who says learning to speak Japanese and French was much easier than learning what they are teaching her in math class is an artist as well. Numbers don't compute to her. Numbers don't compute to me either; especially when you start mixing letters in.

Well, I won't allow her to give up so we have been going through tutorials on you tube, and just battling it out with the numbers and the x's and the y's.

So after all of that here is my answer to the challenge for this weeks Diva's Challenge.


Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

Nice job, I like your elongated tile and the pattern that Quandry forms is great.

LonettA said...

A wonderful Zia! I love this well-balanced composition!

Donald Wilka said...

I like your telescopic Fengle on the top and how the it looks like the Quandry is drifting down filling up the second Fengle.

Anne's tangle blog said...

I do like your zia a lot. Very creative!

Jean Chaney said...

Very different and lovely. I like the use of a longer paper to achieve this look.