Thursday, July 17, 2014

Documented Life Project - Week 29 - Make a Wish List

The week 29 challenge is to make a WISH LIST.
While I do wish for many things to happen, like an end to the war in Syria, and between Israel and Palestine, and for the kids to have normal lives, these are totally out of my control I can only pray for them. However, there is only one wish I have right now, and that is to go home for a visit.

 Journaling reads:


To hear the rain falling on the roof tops. To smell the earth as the cool rain drops splash on the parched ground. To feel the breeze gently touch my face. To wear flip flops in the sand. To watch the sun set behind the horizon. To see the colors that make up the plants and trees and flowers. To be quenched by the cold sips of the coconut milk. To bask in the warm sun under an endless blue sky. To enjoy the beauty of my home. To hear the crazy laughter of my family. To listen to the quiet wisdom of my sister.

Living in a desert is difficult for natural island dwellers. I have lived in Doha with my husband and children for the past 3 years, and those things that we took for granted once, we miss them so much especially during the summer.

As one would expect, summer in the desert is very hot. It is not healthy to go outside for very long during the day. Especially during Ramadan when Muslims fast during the day, life becomes nocturnal. Most people are out and about after sunset. For us this has become our new normal. But sometimes I just long for the old normal.
Hopefully, this time next week I will be on my way to get a taste of the 'old' normal.

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pedalpower said...

Beautiful page! I can imagine how you feel starved for those things, as I grew up around the water too.

Kelly Hull said...

Thank you Pedalpower I like how you put that "starved".