Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Apples - Collage

While digging around in the internet looking for collage artists, I found 2 whom I really admire.
First is Elizabeth from "Paper Paintings" her colors are vibrant, the use of paper is amazing. Her pictures are truely painted with paper. In most of her peices you have to look more closely to realize its all about texture.

**Note to self - take one of her classes.

The other artist is Nancy Standlee. I like her style. She's not only into collage but also various mixed media styles. She does collage portraits too. Love it!

And now for my second and final edition of APPLES

Both pieces were done on 8x11 watercolor paper. Most papers used were from magazines or hand printed/painted. I like the challenge of placing each piece of paper in the right place and having to figure out where the shadows and the highlights go. The background is just paint and paints splashes.

The key to completing these collages is patience, patience, patience.

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