Friday, February 8, 2013

Challenge #43

Erin's challenge this week was to use some of your favorite tangles that make us feel like an "amazing artist". Instead of using my favorite tangles I used tangles that I like but don't use enough. Everyone needs a fair chance right?

I like the outcome although it took several hours for me to test the combinations and come up with a few that I thought would work together. I also used my copper colored pencil to add a little something extra.

I create many art projects - Zentangles, mixed-media, watercolor, assemblage, and my latest thing is keeping an art journal although there is more art than journaling going on.

What makes me feel like an amazing artist is when I am finished a project, and my hands are tired, my nails are encrusted with paint, I stand back and enjoy what I see. Even if I don't like the outcome, I am happy with the fact that there is my good old friend gesso to help me start all over again.

What makes you feel like a great artist?
Thanks for the challenge Erin.


Ronnie said...

Beautiful Zendala. Has a wonderful flow and rythym to it.

Kelly said...

thanks Ronnie

Anonymous said...

Great zentangle. Like the soft colors and intrigue design!!!

Donald Wilka said...

Like the two-tone of this with the light blue wash. Nice combination of organic and geometric tangles.

Anne's tangle blog said...

I totally agree with Donald about the combination of two sorts od tangles. Great zendala.

Kelly said...

thanks for your comments all...much appreciated.