Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dragonfly Steampunk Mandala

Hello lovely people, it's the weekend, and we are still waiting to leave Doha for our holiday. We chose to sleep in and miss the flight yesterday morning- due to the fact that our flight would have been caught up in that miserable snow storm due to hit the same day in New York. grrrrrr. So we have to be patient and wait for another flight. Twiddle our thumbs and wait some more.

A hearty shout out to a new follower.... wooot wooot..... welcome Melissa, hope you find this space interesting and glad to have you.

Last year I took a class with Guada over at Guada's Circle. Her mandalas are amazing. It was through her that I found the confidence to even try drawing mandalas. So much so I have a whole book filled with mandala good trys and happy mistakes. Guada has an amazing singing voice as well. Go Guada!

Any whooo, Guada has teamed up with Jay from moon-light-creations in a collaboration to offer animal mandala templates for her community to complete. There is an offer of one special template per month. This month is the Steam punk Dragonfly. Watch her video at this link.

Here's my Dragonfly. Coloring was done with Faber and Castell pencil colors, then a white sharpie for highlights.  This took about 2 hours to complete. ***Tired fingers*.

Go check out Guada's Circle she has so much cool stuff going on over there.

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