Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Diva Challenge #127 - A Duo Tangle

Hey there.....I hope everyone's week is moving along smoothly.
 In my neck of the woods, I am finally getting things done. I have lists of things to do, and I am slowly crossing things off. I've had a social media to do list and a blog up date to do list for well over a year now.  Social media still boggles my mind so I have had my girls helping me make accounts, and we are working on a possible blog redesign. Nothing to spectacular, just something a bit more colorful. 
If you look over to the side bar, you will see a set of social media buttons. At the time of writing this, I simply cannot remember which ones work or don't work. But for sure I know the twitter works because for the past few months I've been the proud follower of people like Justin Beiber, and such pop stars that young people like. I didn't set up my twitter account my daughter did. And just to make the account more mom friendly, she started me following networks like National Geographic, CNN and BBC. Yeah!!!!! The joys of having teenagers.

I have since stopped following the pop stars, and at the moment sticking to the things I know, and more interesting to me. I am still challenged on how to send a proper tweet. Hopefully if all goes according to plan I will have everything up and running next week. Right now I am just testing out things.

This weeks challenge from the diva is to use 2 tangles only; Cirquital and Opus wth Aura.

For some reason this reminds me of a day at the beach. When I look at it, I see white sand, picnic baskets, and kids running around. In the distance out in the sea there is a speed boat  with a water skiier doing tricks. Wow all of that just from Cirquital and Opus wth Aura.


Zoe Brener said...

This is really cute and smile promoting :)

Sherrie and Becky said...

Yes, a day at the beach, I can hear the delighted laughter of the children

LonettA said...

Very clever idea! This is summer feeling on the beach! Very nicely done!

Donald Wilka said...

Nice whimsical tile. Unique interpretation.

Uuna said...

I like this tile very much. You have wonderful idea and You have painted this beautifully.