Saturday, August 24, 2013

Challenge #132 - "Non-Domonotangle" - Bales

We are once again back in Doha after our short but adventurous holiday in Singapore.  Although hot and humid, it was perfect for us as we enjoyed getting away from the extreme heat and extreme humidity here in Qatar.

I took a much needed holiday from the Internet and most electronic media. Except to check in with family all the way on the other side of the world, that was it. Although there was one exception. Can you guess what that was? Yep I had to check in with the Diva to see what the weeks challenge was. As I logged on to her blog and read what the challenge was I immediately wished I hadn't. "Really Erin? That's the challenge? How am I going to zentangle a tile with my non-dominant hand?  Really?"
Matters became worst when I scrolled down and saw what she did. Just perfect. Really!!!????

I used to practice writing with my left hand which is the non dominant hand so I knew writing even a few paragraphs would be okay but to draw shapes such as zentangle, I didn't think it was possible. So I shut down my Internet and pretended I never got the challenge for a day or two. On one particular day while waiting for everyone to get ready to leave the hotel, I pulled out my micons found a piece of paper drew a simple string and started doodling bales with my left hand.

The whole thing was done in 3 stages as time permitted. Every time I had to wait I pulled out the paper I drew it on and did a little bit at a time. Very Slowly, as I was in no rush to get it done. At the end of it all it turned out quite fine I think. There was no need for the panic.

A great big shout out and thank you to Laura for this challenge and pushing us beyond our comfort zones.


Donald Wilka said...

Nice composition and a great effect with the shading

ledenzer said...

Sweet! I love the sweet lines in this tile! Outstanding!

CeciliaKi said...

I love your shaded Bales, so firm strokes! Your non-dominant hand is perfect! You did a great job!

Tangle Bright said...

This is really amazing and you can see where you really took your time and focused. Beautiful job!

Happy Zentangling!

Jacque Solomon

Anne's tangle blog said...

You did so very well. The lines are quite steady.

Kelly said...

I took my time to do this challenge. My fingers hurt by the time I was done with it. I think it's because I held the pen so tightly.