Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Challenges and Dares

Despite wearing a cast on my foot for the past week and a half, I've been getting around like a pro on one leg and crutches. I have a great computer chair with wheels which helps me to get around when my working leg gets tired. I've given up painting for awhile simply because of logistics - my paints are upstairs and I hang out downstairs with the dog and the TV since every one is out all day.

Zentangles help keep me off my feet. So every project or challenge I take up gives me the excuse to stay still. I've recently taken up the Divas Challenge and Zendala Dares from The Bright Owl.

The first Zendala Dare I did was really fun and I'm looking forward to getting a collection of them. 

Zendala Dare #31 - Thanksgiving
As for the Divas Challenges, I just need to get the few that I've done in to my computer, then I'll be good to go.
See you tomorrow with another tangle.

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