Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello December!!!! (and last weeks Challenge)

December is finally here. Cooler months follow, blue skies prevail, and the Christmas season is upon us. This will be our second Christmas here in the Middle East. Living in a country which is predominantly Muslim, there is not much Christmas "spirit". But within our family and the few friends we have, we make the best of it.

In the weeks to come I am sure I will have some sort of strange Christmas story which will be the highlight for us this year. Last year it was the tale of the Christmas Ham. I'll get to that in another post but in the meantime here is the Diva's Challenge and The Bright Owl's Zendala Dare from last week.

Zendala Dare #33

The Diva's Challenge for last week was to Zentangle without using a string. I have never been one for keeping the rules, so this one was not hard to do. I don't usually use strings when creating tiles. As a matter of a fact I just choose a random page in my journal to draw them in. But I promise to use a string next time.
No Strings Attached - Challenge #97


Helen said...

Your no strings attached challenge piece is gorgeous! Love it!

Kelly said...

Thanks Helen - hoping to get a little more disciplined and start using strings at some point.