Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Documented Life Project - Week 8 - Add a Flap To The Flap

Add A Flap To The Flap?

Inspired by our kind hosts, I eventually got to creating.

This week I have kept it super simple (as usual). I just used scrapbppk paper and markers and glue.


Instead of one flap I managed to get 5 in. Somehow could not control myself. But hey for good reason. 


 There is a bit of Bruno Mars going on here. You know that song? "'cause you're amazing just the way you are....". 


All of my flaps are attached with washi tape. Perfect!

Here is the back side of the flap with 2 more flaps. I just used some scrap paper that I was testing the markers on, and stuck with washi tape again.

My new favorite song is "DEMONS" by IMAGINE DRAGONS. And while I was working on the pages, I had the song on repeat.

There's lots of space for some journaling or even for writing the lryics for the song.

But here is a note to all those who think that they are not creative enough and not artsy enough to make special pages. I am seeing this a lot in the comments in the group. Although they are nice to have, the lovely paints and tapes and pens and "things" are great. But keeping it simple is just as special. It's the process that really matters. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and create, open them again and see what happened.

Toodles for now.


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Thanks for sharing this. It is awesome!