Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Documented Life - Week 6 - Inspired By

For week 6 we were asked to search our Pinterest Boards or other blogs for inspiration. There are so many wonderful artists out there who I admire. One of them is Valerie Sjodin. Her blog,
Visual Blessings.
I took a class with her once called "embellishing edges". I totally enjoyed the class. And totally recommend it to anyone who wants to add some flare to their art journaling pages. Her pieces are fun and whimsical and colorful. Not only is her art inspiring, but so are her journaling thoughts.

While researching her blog to write this post, I noticed that she recently joined the Documented Life Project. I'm so happy that she did.
visual blessings Doodling through the storm
photo and art credit to Valerie Sjodin
Above is one of her lovely Journal pieces. And this is where I got the inspiration to do my own. As a matter of a fact both were inspired by her work.

 For both pages, I used a white signio pen, and pastel pens from sakura, as well as a white prisma color.
This second page is inspired by her as well but some how cannot find the original picture again. Will have to keep looking.

Have a great week. Thanks for checking in.

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