Friday, March 14, 2014

Documented Life Project Week 11

I've really neglected this blog for the last two weeks. Shame, Shame. Hopefully, today can be a fresh start.
The prompt for the Documented Life Project week 12 is to "collage, paint, or take a picture of a bird".

Well since I've been on a bird trip for a few weeks, I had lots to choose from. I started painting these little whimsical birds since last year, and throughout the year they have been evolving.

But for my journal this week, I created something new.

 Here is a peacock in all its glory. I used stickers and doodles to embellish.

So I did not stop at one bird. Nope not at all. Another flap emerged and these lovely creatures appeared, Aren't they cute?

Then here came another set. They look like they have something to say. As usual, after completing a page, I have nothing to journal about, or just can't think of anything to write so the pages just stay blank or with empty spaces until something comes up.

Hey have a good weekend everyone. I hope to be out and about enjoying the beautiful weather before it all disappears next month. We've had on sandstorm already and I can only guess there will be a few more before the heat arrives.


sheila 77 said...

I love your little birds with such personalities. I especially like the third, the couple who look happy together, and the last who looks a bit world-weary.

Kelly Hull said...

Thank you so much Sheila 77 they were so much fun to work on. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.