Thursday, December 27, 2012

Challenge #37

There was no turkey to be found for Christmas lunch and that was okay.
The few Christmas songs on the "Christmas" playlist was set to repeat and that was okay.
The Christmas cake, sugar cookies and brownies that we baked on Christmas Eve were almost finished by evening fall and that was okay.
We watched Christmas movies all day. Some really good ones and some.....well, were just for enterainment. And that too was okay.
Speaking to our families half way across the world was more than okay. While everyone gathered for lunch we all chatted and made funny faces and talked about what was on the menu. The kids caught up with their cousins and it all seemed okay.

Saying good-bye was not okay.
One would think that being away from home for almost 5 years and missing Christmas lunches and gatherings, and the traditions it would all become easier as time went by but it hasn't.

In light of what is happening in the world today I count my blessings that many of our family and friends are just a phone call away. Many others don't have that privilege.

The zendala challenge this week was interesting and took me ages to make the first lines. But once the lines got flowing it was no stopping.

Thanks Erin for the challenge.


Anne's tangle blog said...

You made a beautiful zendala! Beeing away from loved ones, will never be easy, I know. But indeed, let's count our blessings.

Cathy said...

This is so beautiful. Love your festive tile. You are so right about missing family. Unfortunately, it is even harder when calls can't be made.

Penny Nantell said...

Love your Zendala it's so whimsical.

Chrissie said...

Beautiful and floaty, very nice.