Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in the Middle East

Christmas is almost here, and I'm really missing home these days. The warm Caribbean sunshine, and the smell of Christmas in the air. Christmas does have a smell can anyone describe it? Random people passing wishing each other Seasons Greetings, makes it all worth it.

This is our second Christmas in Qatar and even though we have noticed a few more decorations in some stores this year, there is just enough for the expats to get by. So no complaining there. There are a few Christmas movies on cable and the rest we rent from itunes.

In a couple of days if not sooner the Caribbean families will be calling to find out our plans for Christmas, or if I made the Christmas cakes yet and if we need to skype so that one of the moms can talk me through the turkey preps. I can't find a turkey. But there are 4 days left so I will continue the search and HOPE. I've been to four supermarkets, there are two more to go.

I don't know if I'll be doing much art in the next few days. I will not only be looking for a turkey, but as the kids are now on holiday we will pass the time trying new things with food a little Christmas tradition we started since we have become expats.


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