Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Documented Life Week 1 - My Font Door

The first prompts for the Documented Life Project was to Journal about "My Front Door". A fitting start to the New Year and a New project. Instead of painting or drawing, I simply took a picture, stuck it in my book and journaled around it. Simple, simple.

Funny enough, the people who own our compound ordered all doors to be re-painted the week before. All 20 something villas. So our door is now looking fresh and new.

There's a giant Arabic tea pot outside my front door. Don't as me why. It's just because I like it. It's about 100 pounds heavy - made of solid concrete. It collects a lot of dust during sandstorm season, and changes color when it accumulates too much dust. But still I love it. Two giant lizards also guard the entrance. Why lizards? I miss them. Lizards are every where in the Caribbean. They run around freely in all of the gardens. Although I don't like them much, I miss them. I have never seen a lizard here in Doha, I guess it's because I don't have a garden

The journaling reads:

This door represents a portal to my sanctuary
My place of comfort
My place a rest
My place to hide from the rest of the world

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Anonymous said...

I looked through most of your Documented Life Project and really enjoyed what you did. I was wondering where you found the challenge
to begin with? email me at jomamablu@gmail.com I think I'd like to
take that journey.