Friday, January 31, 2014

Journal 52 - You make me smile

The prompt for Week 3 of JOURNAL 52 is "You Make Me Smile".

Lots of things make me smile, like my lunatic naughty dog when he gets into mischief, hearing good news, sunny days, gentle breezes, and the list goes on and on.

But what is it about a giant yellow chicken that make people happy? At our near by mall, a new McDonalds opened this weekend. I guess to celebrate its launch, there were balloons and all the fluff that goes on with store openings. Then enters this giant yellow chicken. It was interesting to just sit and watch the reactions of the people.

Little kids were confused, mothers giggled, and this goofy chicken just made a spectacle of itself. It greeted everyone, and even went to sit with people eating their lunch. All of a sudden everyone got up from the table, and got into a group to take pictures with this giant chicken. HUH?? It was nice to see people happy even if the joy came from a chicken.


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