Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Documented Life Project - The Planner

At the time of writing this, it's my New Year but others are yet to begin the celebrations. There is alot to look forward to this year, and I'm ready to see how it all goes down. In my last post I wrote about "The Documented Life Project" It's January 1st and the project begins today.

My planner/art journal is ready for the first prompts. Here's a peak.

This is my planner. It looks like a moleskine, and the pages are the same color and feel like a moleskine. They are not thick but rather thin so I will have to alter those. But it has that nice elastic band to hold it together and a nice pocket in the back.

You can also see the tabs that I made for each month of the year.

I've glued in a month at a glance for each month, and those pages will eventually be doodled and decorated on as time goes by.

At the beginning of the book there is a year at a glance for 2014 as well as a year at a glance for 2015.

Since the pages were blank, I drew in my own boxes to be used for each day. Yes that was a pain staking task. It took a whole afternoon. Because I want the over all look to be doodles and handwritten, there are no straight lines here.

At the end of each week there are blank spaces and pages for reflections, and art journal prompts which will be given. there are also spaces left for quotes and gratitude notes.

So for now that's how my journal looks. I chose to keep the cover black just because I like it that way.

Stay tuned for another update.

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