Friday, January 31, 2014

Zendala #89

Happy Weekend peeeeeppppssss!

The weather here in Doha is warming up! wooohooo!!!!! So I'm happy. My brain seems to shut down when the temps go below 70 degrees. My body doesn't function well either. So I'm looking forward to February to take advantage of the outdoor activities.

Here's my interpretation to this weeks challenge. I did not like the template. It was hard to figure out what tangles to us. But in the end I figured it out and finally came to appreciate it. Erin always gives us these great challenges to stretch our abilities.

Have a great weekend all. Thanks for visiting.


Anne's tangle blog said...

Well, I think you did very well! The contrast is great in your zendala!

LonettA said...

Wonderful zendala! I like the black balls here! They are a fine contrast to your delicate drawing!
Wonderful weekend for you!