Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Documented Life Project - Week 7

Today is Qatar's National Sports Day. Yep one whole day dedicated to sports. It's also a public holiday.  Everyone is up early this morning visiting the parks, beaches, and sports stadiums doing something sports related. Activities began at 7am and will continue until 10pm. A long sporting day.  I'm not sure if my family and I will take part in any of the activities. A public holiday in Qatar to me, means confusion, crazy inconsiderate drivers, no parking at chosen destination, etc. So today just might be my day to be couch potato. However, there is some plan to go out with friends to an Italian restaurant and exercise our mouths by chewing good food.

Now on to a more colorful note. The week 7 prompt is to draw a shape and repeat. How cool is that?

The shape I chose was a flower, then repeated it several times.......

Added color, a little shadow and highlights.......

......then one of my favorite verses.

Some people have been asking what others do at the back of the tip in. I usually add quotes, or continue the artwork, or glue in used tickets or other scraps of paper of things I might like to remember. Here is something I just started, and I added it onto the back of this page.

I saw it somewhere on pinterest. Make a list of things that I am currently doing. So for this list, I have: currently....reading, wearing, feeling, needing, thinking, weather. This is not quite the list I saw but its close.
I won't do this every week but just at random times when I can't think of any thing to put at the back of the prompt page. Perhaps once every one or two months.

I don't know about any of you, but I find myself opening the journal/planner after completing the prompt, wishing I had more things to write or more things to doodle so that blank space is reserved for random stuff. Well that's it for now.

Thanks for checking in.


raemissigman.com said...

love this ! It is so lovely! So happy you are playing along!

Cathy von Hassel-Davies said...

I am just in awe of this page. Thanks for sharing!


Kelly Hull said...

Thank you for your beautiful comments ladies

SuzieA said...

What did you use to color your flowers? They are SO VIBRANT!!

Kelly Hull said...

Hi SuziA I used BRUSHABLES markers for the flowers