Friday, March 22, 2013

Diva's Challenge #110 - Out Of The Box

For the Diva's challenge this week we had to do something out of the box. Do something different from what we are accustomed to.

I have always wanted to try using a white pen on black paper but felt intimidated. But I didn't think about it and just did it. Instead of using black paper, I used other colors.

I have to say, one thing led to another and within an hour I ended up with these 3. For once I chose not to be perfect and not care about how clean the lines were. I'm a perfectionist like that unfortunately.

 This is the Chicken Wire tangle. Check out the shadows in the background. Materials used are a sharpie white pen and white prisma color.
 I just learned how to do this new zentangle Flwr Box - by Kathy Barringer. Also included is the Zinger
Here is the Flwr Box again. Accompanied by the Anti-dots.

Have a great weekend friends.


Mariƫt said...

The white on the colored paper gives a fantastic effect!

Linda Selymes said...

All three are gorgeous. White pen is something I haven't done much with. Must try it.

Tangle Jam said...

So pretty and fresh.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Three beautiful peaces, the third one is my favorite!

Karen Lynn said...

These are all wonderful. I love the white on color effect. I especially like the third one, the way the flower box print drapes off the roll.