Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zendala Dare #48 - Spicey Lemon Zest

Very rarely do I look at one of Erin's templates and think that "this one is a piece of cake". Even if I do when I am about to put pen to paper, I will most likely draw a blank and not know how or where to draw the first line. That's what I like about these challenges. They test you, they allow you to make choices that you have to stick with and they make you become better.

This challenge really tested me. It made me think about why I do these Zendalas. The more I contemplated what patterns to use to complete the challenge, the more I just wanted to quit the whole thing. I took on these dares because I wanted my imagination to be challenged; to expand. But no such thing on this day. Everything went blank. I tried several patterns, and combinations, and nothing worked. I wanted to take the print-out and hide it and pretend that I forgot about the new dare for this week. Then I thought that if I do not do it I would feel like a looser and a quitter.

So i forced myself to sit down in front of the template yesterday morning to just get it done, whether I liked the outcome or not. Specific zentangles escaped me despite me going through my samples numerous times. I think I managed to get a type of the hypnotic tangle in there, then after that I just did my own thing, then one thing led to another and this is what emerged
                                       Spicy Lemon Zest

Thank you Erin for your time and dedication to these Zendala Dares.


Anne's tangle blog said...

I understand that 'it came from far', but is ended very beautiful.
Don't be so hard on yourself please and maybe try to more let it 'happen' after you start.
To be honest I never think of what tangles I'm going to use, I just start with one tangle and if that part is finished, i'll sort of 'know' (or decide) what will be the next.
But .... this one is really GREAT.

Roy Stauffer said...

This is an amazingly fun Zendala. Wonderful Job!

efie said...

after such a struggle the outcome is realy great!
creativity is like the sea.....
let it flow!!!

ledenzer said...

love the concept and love the execution of this zendala!